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The Free State of Bavaria is one of the most attractive economic regions in Europe and the top location in Germany, and is also characterised by its high quality of life. Bavaria's top ranking is repeatedly demonstrated in a variety of location comparisons.
The Regional Ranking 2014 conducted by the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne shows that seven of the ten top regions in Germany are located in Bavaria.

7 out of 10 top regions are in Bavaria

Position Region Federal state
1 Munich Bavaria
2 Erlangen-Höchstadt Bavaria
3 Erlangen Bavaria
4 Main-Taunus-Kreis Hesse
5 Starnberg Bavaria
6 Dingolfing-Landau Bavaria
7 Dachau Bavaria
8 Ludwigsburg Baden-Württemberg
9 Fürstenfeldbruck Bavaria
10 Wolfsburg Lower Saxony

Bavaria is one of the top ten regions in the world

Bavaria has the fourth biggest industrial density in the world, and unlike the majority of other developed industrial states, the weight of the industry in Bavaria is continuing to rise. This development has been confirmed by an international dynamism ranking conducted by the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne on behalf of the Bavarian industry association (vbw), based on quality as an industrial location. Bavaria occupied the ninth position, placing it in the top ten.

Bavaria is top

Infrastructure #1 in the world
Economic dynamism #2 in Europe
Knowledge, education, R+D #4 in the world


Sweden is the only highly developed economy to undergo even better development, placing it in third position. Other states rated higher than Bavaria are emerging nations that started at a low level.

vbw Bavaria in an international comparison (German only) > PDF

Skilled employees are urgently needed

Bavaria's industrial strength provides a guarantee of labour market stability and excellent employment prospects. The average level of unemployment for the year 2013 was 3.8% while unemployment among young people is currently 2.7%. Upper Bavaria is the region in Europe with the lowest unemployment. Since virtually full employment prevails in many parts of Bavaria, there are many companies that are desperately searching for skilled labour.

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